Our design process begins with us truly understanding what your functional requirements are for an Interior space. Our skilled team of designers will take you on a journey as they create a design solution truly customised to your requirements ensuring that the end product complements you, your team, your business or your home. The scope of works for this service is flexible and may be customised to suit your requirements. Our team will gladly assist you in creating a tailored service solution. Contact us today to learn more about any of our Interior Design Service offerings.


At Tartan Studios we aim to design right down to the last detail, which is why we offer our clients the opportunity to customise their shop fitting and carpentry requirements. Our team works closely with a series of specialists in order to deliver high-quality, durable and practical solutions. Our installation teams are made up of extremely skilled craftsmen whose expertise provide long-lasting, quality products. Furthermore, our team of designers are able to assist with tailored and bespoke furniture pieces to reflect your individual taste and style whilst setting the benchmark for custom-crafted quality.


We truly believe that there is no one better suited to manage the assembly of a vision than the people who envisaged it to begin with. Our Project Management team is able to turn designs into reality and handle the entire process so that you can continue to do what you do best. Due to our project managers being designers as well, there is extreme care and quality control applied throughout the process. All construction projects are monitored closely and visited regularly as we believe that site management and supervision is the key to ensuring a successful outcome to every installation.