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Always eager to collaborate with like-minded professionals, freelancers and micro businesses in need of a productive work experience, the Job Box team at Tartan Studios offers a creative node based in Fourways, Johannesburg with trade relevant facilities at hand for aspiring entrepreneurs and traveling creatives. Tested in Practice through our own experience, Tartan Studios (est 2003) has always fostered a high ethic in creative output and project coordination and wishes to share our experience with Y O U .
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Desk Space

Allocated, personal desk space or ‘Trading seats’ available on monthly packages designed to suit your pocket (ideally suited for freelancers, start-ups and globe-trotting entrepreneurs).

Trading Seats Include

  •  Dedicated work station with storage pedestal
  • (A0) Job-box to organise your works underway
  • Planning Tables
  • Wifi
  • As much coffee and tea ( in that order ) as required to fuel your efforts
  • Two free Monthly Meeting room time slots

Hot Desking

Available operators desk or “Jump seat” for those looking for an economical, part time base (but more than a hatstand). Hourly Time slots available (Ideally suited for freelancers on the move. ie: Media Service Providors, Product Reps, Project Managers, Nomadic Proffessionals etc). 

Jump seats include:

  • Coffee and Tea
  • Wifi
  • Lever Arch Lock box

Meeting Room

Pay per use 6 Seater meeting room with presentation-worthy AV system and conference call facilities.

Printing & Plotting

Pay per use Printing, and high quality Plotting with costs well below franchise rates. We also recycle!

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The below disciplines receive up front (noteworthy) discounts on all Trading seat packages.
At Tartan Studios we outsource overflow work, so where your skills can be identified as an “asset”,
they are converted into “Business for you”. Join us to collaborate on projects,
be mentored by or partner with the Tartan Team.
• Interior Design
• 3D Design/Rendering
• Sketchup Operators
• Industrial Design
• Graphic Design
• Architecture
• Project Management
• Quantity Surveying
• Lighting Design
• SEO Service Providers
• Digital Marketing
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Most freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners always start the same way – working from home or from their local coffee shop. The reality is that there is nothing better than a dedicated work space to ensure productivity and focus to tick off your daily to-do’s without the distractions or the excuses.
Not only will our space help you work better and work smarter, but it will allow you to build business relationships, exchange thoughts and ideas and tap into the positive energy our working environment offers.
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